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Polish Horse Carriages

It is well known that Poland is famous for constructing and manufacturing horse carriages.
Polish manufacturers are the leaders in designing and constructing horse carriages not only in Europe but also around the world. Our company manages sales and distribution of buckboards in the United Kingdom. Horse carriages produced by our manufacturers are of solid construction and made of the finest materials. Each construction is accurately sanded and then powder painted or sprayed. Our clients can choose the hue of the frame from a rich colour palette. The colour of the upholstery can also be selected. In our vehicles we use hydraulic brakes conjointly with manual brakes. Suspensions are based on shock absorbers (3 leaf springs in front and 2 leaf springs in the back) or pneumatic (air) suspensions are offered. There may be pneumatic (tire, tube) or rubber wheels. Most models are available in the version with an aisle between the front seats. This solution is very practical, especially for the elderly as they may get in the horse carriage with ease. In addition, we offer optional extras such as led lighting, additional lockers, fold-out roofs and other accessories requested by our clientele. Our manufacturers constantly improve the design and functionality of their carriages.

We hope that our website will help you to familiarise yourselves with our offer. We wish you a lot of satisfaction and excitement derived from carriage driving. CHARIOT.COM TEAM

Client Testimonials
  • 01.Kyle Garza

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  • 02.Randy & Joe Watson

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  • 03.Jeremy Walsh

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